My Story

Joy graduated from Baltimore school of Massage in 2004 and holds nearly 800 hours of training and higher level education. Joy’s focus is on a compassionate approach to healing through a variety of massage modalities. She intuits her client’s needs within each bodywork session making each one customized and unique. Joy prefers to take the time to develop a rapport with her clientele as a means to understand their daily life stress so that she can counter them with the best possible remedy.


Joy Parker, RMP


As a practitioner I invoke the utmost respect for my client’s well-being and trust. I began my journey of curiosity for alternative health and healing in the early 90’s while still a high school student. I spent most of my time seeking out and learning herbal remedies, the benefit of healthy food and vitamin intake, as well as experimenting with energetic healing. After years of practicing a holistic lifestyle I decided to attend Baltimore school of Massage and completed the program with a greater perspective for how bodywork and massage is an integral part of alternative health.


Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.
— Soren Kierkegaard